Keys to victory for Minnesota Vikings
-Pound Adrian Peterson. The Redskins are ranked 22nd in run defense. Minnesota must take advantage and give the best player on the field the ball.
-Protect Christian Ponder. Vikings offensive line has been shaky all season. And thats being nice. With Orakpo and Kerrigan on the other side of the ball, the O line has to block well or Ponder will be on his back a lot tonight.
-Get Greg Jennings and Cordarelle Patterson involved early. Quick screens, quick slants, etc.
-Stop Alfred Morris. Just like the O line being shaky, the defensive line for the Vikings has been up and down. They have to tackle well tonight.
-Contain the legs on RG3. Robert Griffin lll killed the Vikings last year with his legs. If they don’t play disciplined football, its going to be a long night.

Keys to victory for Washington Redskins
-Contain Adrian Peterson. Coming off of a 140 yard performance vs Dallas. Peterson is lookin to continue his hot hand. Linebackers for the Redskins must play excellent in the gaps.
-Let RG3 run. He has been at his best this year, when he‘s playing as a dual threat QB. Washington has a good chance to win if they turn Griffin loose.
-Run Alfred Morris. The Vikings cant stop the run this year. Morris should see plenty of opportunities for big plays. 20-25 touches is ideal tonight.
-Blitz Christian Ponder early and often. I think we all know by now, Ponder plays horrible when facing pressure. Rookie cornerback David Emerson and DeAngelo Hall might get a few picks tonight.
-Take advantage of Minnesota‘s injury plagued defense. Tight end Jordan Reed is going to be a matchup nightmare for the Vikings linebackers and safeties. He should see a lot of targets his way tonight.

PREDICTION: Vikings 28 Redskins 24

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