NFL Week 11 Picks


Jets over Bills
Ravens over Bears
Bengals over Browns
Cardinals over Jaguars
Texans over Raiders
Eagles over Redskins
Steelers over Lions
Falcons over Buccaneers
Chargers over Dolphins
Saints over 49ers
Vikings over Seahawks
Giants over Packers

SNF: Broncos over Chiefs
MNF: Patriots over Panthers

Chris R.

3 thoughts on “NFL Week 11 Picks”

  1. We had to like your article based on the pure ballsiness of taking the Vikes over Seattle. We differ on a few games, most notably Jets/Bills (don’t trust Geno on the road yet) and Lions/Steelers. We also have New England over Carolina on MNF – Tom Brady is 10-2 in November games since 2010.

    1. Haha I appreciate it. And I’m a die hard Vikings fan, so it was some bias-ness in that pick. And I don’t trust Geno at all, I just think Rex is going to pound the ball, and play great D

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