Why Kansas center Joel Embiid could end up being the best player out the 2014 NBA Draft


With all the hype surrounding Duke’s Jabari Parker, Kentucky’s Julius Randle and teammate Andrew Wiggins (rightfully so, all three will be great). A new comer to the sport of basketball, Joel Embiid may end up surpassing all three of them at the next level.

The special skill set embodied by Embiid, is what has NBA scouts drooling. Also the fact that he’s only been playing this game for a few years and he is already this good. He’s basically dominating while learning on the job. His defensive prowess is unmatched. Offensively he one of the most efficient and effective big men in college basketball. Once he gets a better awareness and feel for the game, which will come along as he plays,  he will be unstoppable.

Showing an array of post moves some big men in the NBA don’t even have, you can see why some scouts are putting him I’m the conversation for the #1 overall pick in the 2014 draft. One NBA exec is even quoted as saying “If he’s not the first overall pick, he’s definitely the second”. That’s high praise for a young man, who is just now getting his feet wet.

While only playing 20 minutes a game, the 7 foot 250 pound center, makes his presence known every game. Teammate and fellow freshman Andrew Wiggins, plays 10 minutes more a game than Embiid, but you could argue, the centers impact is much bigger. The only real downside to his game, is his rawness to the game and he is prone to foul trouble. The game that’s being played in the NBA now a days, with all the flopping, could poise a problem for Embiid and his physical presence. As long as he continues to get coached up and plays under control, he should be just fine.

A center with this kind of unlimited upside, both offensively and defensively doesn’t come around to often. You can see why he’s receiving the praise he has received thus far.

The NBA will have to wait for now though, as the future lottery pick will play a key component in the Kansas Jayhawks quest for a National Title this year. But when that time does indeed come, don’t be surprised if Joel Embiid is the first name you hear called off the board, in next year’s draft.

Chris R.

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