Minnesota Vikings HC Leslie Frazier and QB Christian Ponder not expected to return to team in 2014


Still speculation for now, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody if this comes to fruition. As a life long Viking fan, this is music to my ears. Frazier’s days were pretty much numbered when he didn’t receive a contract extension last year, after winning 10 games and going to the playoffs. In the last year of his deal this season, the head coach was on short leash, to see if he could mirror that same success as last year. That didn’t happen. A lot of factors played a role in this losing season, but coaching is at the top of that list.

As for Ponder, the Vikings staff had high hopes for him. After failing to show any signs of progression, it’s time for Minnesota to cut their losses. The former 12th overall pick, has proved to the world why he was the biggest reach of that whole draft.

Expect the Vikings to target an established head coach this time around. While names like Penn State HC Bill O’Brien would be a great fit for Minnesota, a coach as accomplished as Lovie Smith would be hard to pass up. In the 2014 NFL Draft, expect Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel or Derek Carr to have their named called by Minnesota. The team can no longer go without a franchise QB. They have to hit on this one.

Chris R.

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