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Robinson Cano wants 300 Million!!! Out of his mind or worth the money?

cano_20130926113737972_660_320The Yankees are not making it to the playoffs this year. Only the 2nd time that has happened in 19 years.  So the offseason for the Yankees officially starts now. One of their priorities is signing the 2nd baseman, to a long term deal. Only thing is, Cano is asking for a 10 year 305 million dollar deal. An obvious ploy to “1 up” A-Rods record breaking deal he signed for 275 million dollars. Making him the highest paid player in baseball. If this deal gets done, Robinson Cano will now be the highest paid player in baseball history. Is he worth it? That’s the question New York’s front office will be asking themselves for the next couple months. While he may be the top 2nd baseman in all of baseball. 305 million dollars is a hell of a asking price.