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Kansas freshman sensation Joel Embiid “strongly considering” returning to school for Sophomore season


Stud center Joel Embiid is considering a return to Kansas next season. His decision as he puts it, depends on how he develops throughout the rest of this college basketball season.

Can’t blame him, if he feels he might not be ready to enter the NBA yet, then I respect his decision. Returning to school would definitely help him polish up on his skills. For how good he is now and how great he could be, he is still a raw NBA prospect right now. Only getting into the game of basketball a few years ago.

If Embiid does indeed return to school, a lot of NBA GM’s will have to rearrange their draft boards. According to ESPN’s Chad Ford, Joel Embiid is the number 1 overall prospect if he declares for the 2014 NBA Draft. That would throw a huge twist in this year’s draft.

But as of today, no decision is even close to being made, and NBA GM’s can breathe a sigh of relief for now. Embiid is a special talent and will change some team’s life, if and when he decides to jump to the pros.