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BREAKING NEWS: Bulls PG Derrick Rose has torn his right meniscus; Will require surgery, out indefinitely *Video Below*


Everybody in the basketball world were holding their breath, when Derrick Rose’s right knee buckled last night against the Blazers. Now everybodys worst fear has become true. The former MVP has torn his right meniscus. After recovering from his last devastating knee injury, Rose was out to prove he could come back and regain his MVP form. That didnt quite happen this year. While showing glimpses of his former self, he just never looked comfortable most of the time. Timid and hesitant at times, Rose was having his worst year so far of his career. Shooting only 35% and only dishing out 4 assists a game.
This news is tragic for the Bulls, the city of Chicago, the fans and basketball fans in general. The Bulls aren’t much without the star PG, and now they might have to start looking towards the future, without him for good. I know anything is possible, but the odds of Derrick Rose returning to the Derrick Rose we all know and love, are pretty low. He already was not the player we know after returning from his left knee injury, now having to rehab his other knee is going to be one hell of a recovery road. Bulls fans might have to stomach the fact their beloved MVP, might not ever be the same player again.

Get well soon D.Rose. When your ready to return, the basketball world will be waiting.

Chris R.