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Vikings QB Christian Ponder to start vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday


At this point, I’m not sure if anybody knows what coach Leslie Frazier is doing. He pulls Ponder for his terrible play against the Seahawks, but now gives him the nod vs Green Bay this week. It is really baffling to see Frazier drop the ball so many times this year. He looks like a head coach in way over his head. The real question in this is where in the world is Josh Freeman? The entire NFL knows what Ponder is, let’s see what Freeman can do since he should be acclimated with the playbook. I’m not sure if the former Bucs QB first start discouraged coach Frazier, or if he’s just going down with the ship, with his “guy”. One thing’s for sure, this is a big mess in Minnesota, and one that will almost certainly get cleaned up this off-season.

Chris R.

Josh Freeman in driver seat to start at QB for Vikings on Monday Night Football!!!

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Minnesota VikingsHe took first team reps today, which is a pretty good indication hes probably going to start vs the Giants. Only setback would be if he doesn’t know the basics of the playbook. If that happens, Vikings say Christian Ponder will start. Right now, all signs point to Freeman getting the nod on Monday night.