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NBA Top Performers *Dec.2nd*


Spurs Tim Duncan 23 points 21 rebounds 2 assists

Rockets James Harden 37 points 3 rebounds 8 assists

Utah Gordon Hayward 29 points 5 rebounds 3 assists

Pacers Paul George 43 points 3 rebounds 3 assists

Blazers LaMarcus Aldridge 28 points 10 rebounds 3 assists

Pelicans Ryan Anderson 36 points 6 rebounds

Bulls Luol Deng 37 points 8 rebounds 7 assists

Wizards John Wall 16 points 13 assists

Bulls Taj Gibson 26 points 14 rebounds

Pelicans Jrue Holiday 19 points 8 rebounds 12 assists

Chris R.

NFL THURSDAY NIGHT EDITION: Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Bucs

Keys to Victory for Panthers:


-Cam Newton must continue to take care of the football.
-Find another way to get Deangelo Williams involved. He’s been struggling as of late, so get him involved in the passing game.Get some half back screens going. Keep the defense honest.
-Pressure rookie QB Mike Glennon.
-Continue finding ways to keep Ted Ginn involved. He’s been a playmaker for the Panthers this year. With Revis more than likey on Steve Smith, Ginn should see a lot of looks.
-Stop Vincent Jackson. He’s been on a tear this year.

Keys to Victory for Bucs:


-Get new starting running back Mike James involved early. Try to get him in a rhythm. He’s also a good reciever out the backfield.
-Limit turnovers. Panthers D has been creating some turnovers lately, Mike Glennon has to play smart football.
-Contain Cam Newton. Its hard to completely stop him because he bring that dual threat factor to the table. So Tampa must wrap up on all tackles and play disciplined. If not it will be a long night for the Bucs.
-Protect the QB. Bucs O line has been shaky thus far. That unit has to improve if they want a chance to win tonight. Carolina has one of the better front sevens in the league.
-Tackle on special teams. Playing against Ted Ginn, who can take a punt to the house at any given time. You must account for him and tackle well on special teams or Tampa will be watching the back of his jersey, running into the endzone.

Prediction: Panthers 23 Bucs 20