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#14 Iowa comes away with easy win vs Minnesota

#14 Iowa 94 | Minnesota 73


Stat Leaders: Iowa
G Roy Devyn Marble 16 pts 3 rebs 1 ast 1 stl
F Aaron White 18 pts 4 rebs 2 ast 1 stl
G Josh Oglesby 17 pts 3 rebs

Stat Leaders: Minnesota
G Austin Hollins 13 pts 8 rebs 2 ast 5 stl 1 blk
G Andre Hollins 20 pts 1 rebs 2 ast 1 blk
C Elliott Eliason 7 pts 6 rebs 1 ast 1 stl 1 blk

#5 Michigan State storms back to defeat Minnesota in overtime

#5 Michigan State 87 | Minnesota 75


Stat Leaders: Minnesota
G Andre Hollins 24 pts 5 rebs 3 ast
G Malik Smith 17 pts 2 rebs
C Elliott Eliason 7 pts 11 rebs 2 ast 4 blks

Stat Leaders: Michigan State
G Gary Harris 19 pts 4 rebs 3 ast 2 stl
G Keith Appling 24 pts 4 rebs 3 ast 2 stl 1 blk
G Denzel Valentine 9 pts 11 rebs 4 ast 4 stl 1 blk

5 Reasons Vikings HC Leslie Frazier should be FIRED.


After last night’s debacle vs the winless Giants. Its become more and more evident that Frazier and his coaching staff are not the answer for the Minnesota Vikings. The product that has been placed on the field is not good at all and last night’s loss was downright painful to watch. Changes are coming and coming soon for Minnesota. This is unacceptable.Here are 5 reasons coach Frazier and his staff are not the answer and need to recieve their walking papers sooner rather than later.

-Lack of discipline. Week in and week out there are senseless penalties and just downright undisciplined play from the Vikings players. When your players dont look ready to play and are out of position, that’s a direct reflection of the head coach.
-Players coach. Yes, Frazier is a pretty nice guy, but it has to be a fine line when coaching a group of men. You have to be a leader, not their friend. By this happening, comes a lack of accountability. Last night is an perfect example. There were countless bonehead plays, rather it be Jerome Simpson’s dropped TD pass, Marcus Sherels self inflicted fumble or rookie DT Shariff Floyd trying to run a kick off back, and fumbling. Those are inexcusable plays that eventually led to the Vikings demise last night. I’m not saying get all in guys faces, but they have to be held accountable for those kind of dumb mistakes. Sit them down a couple plays. Do something to let them know, that won’t be tolerated.
-Failure to utilize their best talent. I really cant wrap my head around why OC Bill Musgrave can’t find a way to get explosive rookie reciever Cordarelle Patterson the ball. Everytime he touches the ball something good happens, but yet he’s only playing about 25 percent of the snaps. Put him at kick and punt returner. Utilize that explosive talent he has. Adrian Peterson has 24 carries in the last 2 games. That’s unacceptable. He’s the heart and soul of this Vikings team. Give him the ball. Having newly acquired QB Josh Freeman throw almost 50 times in a game that was close, is ridiculous. Frazier needs to have some say-so in that. This cannot happen.
-The selection of Christian Ponder. This one isn’t just on Frazier, its also on Vikings front office. Its disturbingly clear Ponder is not the answer at QB. This might set Minnesota’s franchise back years unless they hit on one of the quarterbacks coming out in the stacked 2014 NFL draft. Ponder has shown ZERO improvements since entering the league. He still makes those bone head interceptions, that leave you scratching your head. This is not the first case of a QB being drafted high and the coach taking the fall. This was Fraziers “guy” though. We was all in for drafting Ponder. Mostly because he was a “smart guy”. This should just show that just because a guy is smart doesn’t mean he has the talent to play in the NFL. Ponder clearly doesn’t.
-He’s just not a good head coach. Every game, Frazier constantly gets badly outcoached. Never makes the adjustments that need to be made during the game to win. Its a reason it took him so long to get a head coaching job in the first place. He just doesnt have what it takes. Look at Panthers head coach, Ron Rivera. Took him the same amount of time to get a head coaching job, and look how that’s turning out. He has one foot out the door as well. Leslie Frazier just doesnt have “it”.