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College Football Conference Championship Games


#6 Oklahoma State vs #17 Oklahoma (Winner wins Big 12 Title)

#2 Ohio State vs #10 Michigan State (Winner wins B1G Ten Championship)

#7 Stanford vs #11 Arizona State (Winner wins Pac 12 Championship)

#5 Missouri vs #3 Auburn (Winner wins SEC Championship)

#25 Texas vs #9 Baylor (Winner wins share of Big 12 Title)

#23 Fresno State vs Utah State ( Winner wins Mountain West Championship)

#1 Florida State vs #20 Duke (Winner wins ACC Championship)

#16 UCF vs SMU (UCF already clinched BCS berth with win over Louisville. If SMU wins, they qualify for a Bowl game for the 5th straight season)

Chris R.

With Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater being the consensus #1 QB prospect, who should be the #2 quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft


Fresno State QB Derek Carr

Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel

Baylor QB Bryce Petty

UCLA QB Brett Hundley

Clemson QB Tajh Boyd

Alabama QB AJ McCarron

LSU QB Zach Mettenberger


Chris R.

Hot Seat Getting Hotter…


Serious Mistake, Cleveland Browns.


There has been talks the pasttwo days of the Cleveland Browns potentially moving stud WR Josh Gordon in a trade. Compensation for that trade is believed to be a 2nd rounder in return. Yes, it sounds great. But if the Cleveland Browns make that trade it will haunt them for years to come.

No Josh Gordon isnt Calvin Johnson. But I believe he can be a top 10 reciever in this league. You dont just up and trade that kind of potential. He doesn’t have “elite” speed, but yet can kill you if he gets in the open field. Gordon also has a strong set of hands, which allows him to make that spectacular grab, or catch in traffic. He almosts mirrors a former wide reciever by the name of Terrelle Owens. While Gordon’s route running isnt close to Owens, its not bad either. He has no problems getting open. For the Browns to even consider this trade, speaks volumes to the type of organization they are.

I know the thought process for the front office is build for next year. But the thing is, theres not a reciever with the upside of Josh Gordon in this draft, outside of Texas A&M WR Mike Davis and USC WR Marquis Lee. Cleveland needs to stay put and build around their young talent. Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon are great building blocks for an offense. Its not like the Browns are oozing of offensive talent. They need to hold on to what they have.

Their are no guarantees in the NFL draft, which we all know. So the thought of trading a sure thing, for a chance at an unproven commodity makes no sense. Especially for a franchise who has been hit or miss on drafting offensive talent. They finally hit on WR Gordon, and they should hold on to him through hell and high water.

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